How to Celebrate Independence Day in Nigeria

It’s the independence day for Nigeria, but if you’re in the country and you want to celebrate it, there’s a good chance you’ll need to travel abroad to the capital city of Abuja.

This is not an ideal travel situation, but you can try to overcome it by choosing the best options for you.

To be honest, the biggest challenges we faced when starting our project was the fact that we couldn’t get a visa in time to participate in the celebrations.

Fortunately, our team worked hard on finding visas to the cities of Abidjan, Togo, and Yobe, and we now have our own visa.

In order to participate, you will need to have a valid ID card with a valid photograph and a valid photo ID with your passport.

You can also bring along a photocopy of your passport for verification.

In the end, we managed to get a photo ID and a passport.

To make things easier, our passport photo was scanned and sent via post.

To complete our trip, we had to go to Yobe to visit the town of Abuja, where we had a group of friends to stay with.

In Abidja, we found that our flight to Togo would cost us about US$40 and the bus would cost US$20, but we were able to make a good impression by meeting the locals, drinking local beer, and visiting some shops.

To help make things more comfortable, we rented a hotel room at the hotel and spent a few days drinking and shopping in the city.

Our trip was a success and we were in Abuja to participate for the first time in Nigeria.

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