Scotland’s independence day: Where to watch and find out more

The SNP will take a majority of seats in Holyrood next month, but it has yet to secure a majority and there are fears the party will fall short of the required 50 per cent.

But on Sunday, Nicola Sturgeon will announce the first-ever results from the first round of the Scottish Parliament election – and the results could spell the end of the independence movement.

Ms Sturgeon said the results will provide an important window into how the Scottish government will approach the future of the country.

The SNP will now begin the process of selecting a new leader.

She will seek to form a government with a majority in the 100-seat parliament to be called for the first time on Wednesday.

Ms Sturgeon is expected to announce her new team within the next two weeks.

Mr Salmond has indicated that he will resign if the SNP loses its majority.

She is expected also to announce that she will seek the backing of the SNP’s Scottish National Party (SNP) in the next Scottish Parliament elections.

However, Ms Sturgeon’s party has been strongly critical of Mr Salmond’s leadership style and has accused him of trying to prevent an independent Scotland from becoming independent.

On Monday, Ms Scotland will host a conference with her new party to decide the shape of the next government.

“The first question that is going to be asked by the new government is the need for a united Scotland, not a divided Scotland,” Ms Sturgeon told the conference.

Meanwhile, in London, Mr Salmo has said he will leave the post of First Minister if he wins.

In his speech, he said the independence referendum would “be the most important decision of my life”.

The Scottish National party (SNPA) leader said the country was “totally divided” and that it was a “terrible thing” for the country to leave the union.

But he said he would not seek a second term as First Minister.

His comments come after the SNP lost its majority in last month’s Holyrod by-election, and have been accused of acting “as a political and propaganda instrument” for a pro-independence party.

He said the SNP was “not the answer to Scotland’s problems” and called for a referendum on Scottish independence in 2019.

There are also fears that a “Yes” vote in next year’s referendum will be “further evidence” that the independence campaign has failed to win the support of Scots.

It comes after the First Minister said she would not rule out a second independence referendum if the “people of Scotland” rejected it.

After the defeat of independence, the SNP announced it would set out its plans for the future in a new Scottish government document.

This document will be released next week, but will be far more comprehensive than the draft first-draft that was released last month.

Its focus is a new referendum on independence, with the party set to push for a “yes” vote to leave a “divided” Scotland.

As part of its manifesto, the party is also promising to reverse the introduction of a new tax on oil, a move which Ms Sturgeon has argued is unfair.

Last month, the Scottish Conservatives (SPSN) also promised to push ahead with a referendum if it won.

Scotland’s Labour Party, meanwhile, will announce its manifesto on Monday, and will promise to “put a stop to the austerity” of the last parliament.

Labour will also announce that it will not seek to retain its majority with a minority government in 2021, as promised in the 2015 manifesto.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said it was time for a fresh start.

“The SNP must learn from the mistake of 2014 and make the right decision to put Scotland first,” she said.

“Scottish Labour will do its best to give a fresh, strong and credible opposition to any attempt to break the Scottish Union.

For Scottish Labour to do so, it will have to put its party first.”

In her speech, Ms Davidson said: “The first thing the Scottish Labour Party must do is to do everything it can to stop a second referendum on our country’s future.”

Ms Davidson also announced that the SNP would introduce legislation for a Scottish-only parliament to “stop a second poll from happening”.

“It is the duty of the Labour Party to oppose any attempt by the Scottish Government to form an independent Scottish Parliament,” she added.

Although the SNP has a majority, Ms Cameron has said that the party could not win an outright majority in Holyruid – the first of three elections.

The party currently has around 10 seats in the Westminster parliament.

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