Why it’s so hard to get an accurate picture of how many people are in the U.S. refugee population

More than 3.3 million people have entered the United States as refugees since the election of Donald Trump as president, a record number that has the country reeling.

In total, about 1.2 million people entered the country as refugees during the election cycle, according to a study by the Pew Research Center.

But the number of people who have actually arrived in the United State as refugees is difficult to determine.

For instance, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has reported that the United Arab Emirates has admitted some 762,000 refugees, with the majority of those refugees coming from Syria.

But a separate report by the U of A’s Refugee Study Group found that only 827 refugees have been admitted to the United Kingdom since September, and there is a wide range in the numbers arriving and remaining in the country.

That range is a testament to the difficulty in gathering accurate data on the number and status of people in the refugee population.

“It’s a very, very complex issue,” said Jennifer Smith, a senior researcher at the Refugee Study.

“If we are going to be able to say something is happening, we need a lot of information.”

One way to better understand the refugee crisis is to take a look at the overall population in the state, said Smith.

For the UBC Refugee Study, she looked at how many refugees are living in each city, as well as how many live in each county.

She looked at all the UB campuses in B.C., including UBC, UBC Langley, UB Salisbury, UMB, UMSL and UBC North Shore, and also at the number per capita of refugee population living in the province.

“In terms of the refugee people that live in the provinces, I can’t tell you exactly how many,” she said.

According to the Migration Policy Institute, between 2016 and 2021, the province welcomed approximately 2.5 million refugees from other countries, and the overall number of new refugees has remained relatively steady since then. “

We’re seeing a lot more people moving from B.S., to B.E., to Alberta and to Newfoundland and Labrador, and so we’re seeing this very, small and very, young population that’s moving into the province.”

According to the Migration Policy Institute, between 2016 and 2021, the province welcomed approximately 2.5 million refugees from other countries, and the overall number of new refugees has remained relatively steady since then.

In 2020, B.A. recorded the highest number of refugees (721,000) and B.N.C. the second highest (626,000).

According to Smith, the number fluctuates between 1,500 and 2,000 people per year, depending on the province, but the average number of refugee per capita in the region is less than 1,000.

In 2019, B-N.

S was home to more refugees than any other province, followed by B.M.E. with more than 800,000 and B-K.T. with approximately 260,000, according the Migration and Refugee Study group.

The highest number in the Lower Mainland is Surrey, with more refugees per capita than any province.

According to Migration Policy, there are about 16,000 registered refugees in B.-K.B., with about 4,000 living in Surrey.

The average number per refugee in the Northwest Territories is between 250 and 500 per capita, with about 1,200 in Nunavut.

In Prince Edward Island, the population is about 8,000 with more people than in B., with more living in Nunatsiavut and Labrador.

There are also large numbers of refugees in Manitoba, which is home to approximately 1,700 people, or about one-third of the province’s total population.

The province’s overall refugee population is around 1,400 per capita; the province is home of about 2,400 refugees.

Smith said the most common reason for the high number of residents who come to the LowerMainland as refugees and the high numbers of people living in cities is the proximity to other countries.

“For a lot people that come here, they’re coming to a place that’s relatively safe,” she explained.

“And for a lot refugees, they can come to a safe place, and that place is relatively easy to get into.”

In B.L., which is about one kilometre north of Prince Edward, the most prevalent reason for refugees to live in BQ is because of the proximity of communities to other nations, Smith said.

The area around Prince Edward has about 700 refugees, about one per cent of the total population, she said, adding that there is also a large number of families living there.

“When you look at people who are living here, there’s a lot in the community,” she noted.

“There are a lot families living in this area.

“The fact that there’s this kind of a community-based”

The fact that there’s this kind of a community-based

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