California lawmakers reject a measure to lift limits on carbon emissions

By RICK LEVINCalifornia legislators on Thursday rejected a measure that would have lifted California’s greenhouse gas emissions cap on industrial emissions from new construction to 50 megatonnes a year by 2025.

The bill, which failed in the state Senate, would have given builders of new industrial facilities the right to reduce the emissions they produce through “temporary emission allowances,” or TEAAs, for up to five years.

Under the measure, construction companies would have had the option to use the TEAA credits up to a maximum of four years, after which they would have to start paying them back.

The TEAAns, a group of California manufacturers and other companies, said they opposed the measure because it would have meant less competition in the industry, and also because it does not go far enough to address climate change and has the potential to limit the growth of renewable energy.

The Assembly passed the bill by a vote of 16-13.

The Senate did not take up the measure.

The California Chamber of Commerce, which supports the legislation, called the bill a “job killer” and a “major setback for our state and economy.”

“The bill is an unnecessary burden on California’s economy, which has already been negatively impacted by the climate crisis,” the chamber said in a statement.

The chamber added that California has “made tremendous progress on climate change” in the past few years and is poised to meet its goal of cutting greenhouse gas pollution by 33 percent below 2005 levels by 2025, compared to 2005 levels.

In recent years, construction has become more efficient and green in California, and new building projects are starting to get built more often.

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