What are the latest developments on the Texas independence day protests?

The Texas Independence Day protest is underway.

What are your reactions?

Posted by Times of Indian Online on Sunday, July 24, 2018 13:09:26The protests began on Sunday and were met with heavy police presence.

They also have raised questions over the health status of citizens in the state.

The protests are expected to continue for days and even weeks as many people will be out in public.

“I have heard the protests are going to continue.

I have no idea about the health situation.

The protesters are coming from all over.

Some are from outside, some are from inside, and some are even from the states.

The people are coming to express their right to self-determination,” said Javed, a resident of Guadalupe, one of the largest protests.

Some are also worried that a major protest in the capital city of Austin could be in danger.

“If this continues, it will be a disaster,” said one resident of Austin.

“The people who came here to show their right of self-rule are not happy with the situation in the city.

It’s dangerous.

It will be very dangerous for the citizens,” he said.

A report released by the state health department on Sunday showed that at least 2,095 people have been admitted to hospitals in the Austin area since Friday.

The hospital emergency department saw 1,788 patients on Saturday and 2,065 on Sunday.

It is not clear if any of the people have died from the protests, which have taken place across the state of Texas since Friday night.

The state is notifying the public about the protests.

The governor, Greg Abbott, on Sunday called the protests a “misguided attempt to divide our state.”

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