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Independence Utilities has released a new song, titled Independence Song, to accompany its latest album, The Future Is Here.

The new song features two vocalists, two guitarists, and two drummers, and features a catchy guitar riff that blends the upbeat and downtempo styles of both Independence and the band.

“This song is about independence and what independence means to me,” Independence Utilities co-founder and lead guitarist Jeremy Pimentel told CoinDesk in an email.

“In my head I think of a world of freedom, a place where you can express yourself and enjoy the freedoms that comes with that.

Independence is that freedom.”

Pimentel said the band’s debut album, Independence Utilities, was a “long overdue” one and that the song was inspired by Independence’s experiences in New Haven.

“It was really important to me to write a song that was very uplifting, and to be able to use a song like that in a new album,” he added.

The band’s new album, which was released on December 5, features a range of new material, including a collaboration with singer/guitarist Jens Van Der Veldt.

Pimentels music is also a touchstone for the band, who have been known to perform live in the past, including with the Grateful Dead and other musicians.

“There is something about the sound of independence and the freedom that it represents, it’s an interesting place to be and a place that I’d love to be a part of,” Pimentels said.

“The songs that we put out have a strong emotional quality, a strong sense of purpose, a desire to explore, and also a desire for a lot of people to feel free and be open and open to all ideas.”

While the band has a new single to play at their upcoming gig in New York City, the album will be the band at its most accessible and enjoyable for fans who want to experience it for the first time.

Piments new song is titled “We Can Do This,” and features vocals by Van Der Van, and Pimentelaers signature guitar and drumming.

“I have been playing in the band for over two years and it’s been fun to get to work with Jeremy again.

We’re both very passionate about music and playing music, and that is something that we both love doing.

We both have a lot to learn, and I hope that with this album, we can really make some good progress on what we want to do with this music,” he said.

Pimentalels new album will feature songs from the band and the other members of Independence Utilities.

Independence Utilities will perform the new album on its upcoming October 16 tour.

“We are excited to share Independence Utilities with the world and hope that you’ll join us in supporting the band as it travels the world,” Piments new album said.

The company’s other music releases include a series of solo acoustic songs, as well as a collaboration between Van Der Veent and rapper M-K.

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