Microsoft’s Cortana is just the start of a much bigger company’s AI strategy

Microsoft is working on its own AI solution, called Cortana, a Microsoft spokeswoman confirmed on Monday.

Microsoft is also working on a new version of its Cortana smartphone app, a spokeswoman for Microsoft’s chief technology officer for AI, Andy Jassy, told The Verge.

Cortana is the latest of a series of apps designed to take advantage of AI technology to help users make better decisions.

Cortana, which is a personal assistant, was first announced in December, after Microsoft hired an AI team that includes a former Google product manager, who formerly worked at IBM.

Microsoft plans to release Cortana on both Windows and mobile devices in the next few months.

Cortana’s software will have the ability to read your tweets and respond to your queries.

Cortana will be able to automatically respond to “positive” and “negative” emotions, as well as perform tasks like “turn off your TV,” the spokeswoman said.

The spokeswoman didn’t specify how many devices Cortana will have.

It’s unclear how many people Cortana will target.

The company is also looking into using AI to create more personalized versions of products like Windows 10, Jassy said.

Cortana won’t be limited to what people use, though.

Jassy has also said Cortana is available for developers to build AI products that could help improve the productivity of Windows users.

Microsoft already has a number of AI-powered applications that are available to developers, including Bing Maps, Microsoft Wallet, Cortana, and Office 365.

Microsoft has also been developing its own app for the Windows 10 operating system, called Bing.

The new Cortana app is a bit more ambitious.

It’ll also allow people to create a personalized, searchable profile of themselves to help them understand the world around them.

Jalky has said Cortana will also be able do things like help people find their loved ones by using your photos and photos of your family.

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