When we need a reminder of the Philippines independence day, a meme,

It’s a national holiday commemorating the end of British rule, the end to the Marcos regime and the establishment of the Republic of the Philippine Islands.

The country celebrated the event on September 12 last year, but its official commemorative date is September 17.

The event has been held since 1959 and is an important moment for Filipinos, the island nation of 1.3 million, who have endured years of dictatorship.

The government of President Rodrigo Duterte, who is also the Philippines’ president, declared independence in 1986 and took over in a bloody coup that left more than 80,000 dead.

The date is a day of national celebration for the Philippines and its citizens, and many Filipino artists have created their own memes to commemorate the occasion.

Here are some of the best: #Phila_4: The Philippines Independence Day meme,by Dario Carreño, is one of the memes created by artist Dario, who created a number of images with the hashtag #Philia4.

The meme shows the island country’s flag waving in the breeze on a beach, with an image of a woman in a bikini.

#Philippines_Bubble_Man: Another popular #PhiliA4, by artist and social media personality, Dario Leopoldo, shows a young woman with a bubble bath in a bathtub, with the caption, “Bubbling man in a bubble”.

It is one in a series of #Philias4 memes, a compilation of several different variations of the same image.

#Philo_Bump_Man #Phileo_Cue: Another #Philes4 meme shows a man sitting on a bench, with his hand resting on his knee, with a caption reading, “A guy sits on a chair and he does a BUMP.

This is the moment of his freedom.”

The meme also features a picture of a group of men holding an AK-47.

#PHileoCue #Phillipian_Freedom: Another parody of the #Philippinans4 independence day image, by comedian, actor and social commentator, Jusin Gajaras, shows an image with the slogan, “The Philippine freedom is now yours”.

It features a young man holding a sign that reads, “You are free”.

#Phip4: Another variation of #PHiles4, which features a boy playing with a stuffed animal, is also popular.

#phip4 #Philippine_Freedom #Phi4_Bum: Another Filipino #PhilyoA4 meme, featuring an image that shows a smiling, smiling young man, has been created.

The young man is holding a gun, and the caption reads, #Philingo4.

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