Mexico’s president warns of ‘fear and hatred’ of US over Mexico’s independence day 3

Mexico’s President Miguel Angel Osorio Chong has warned of “fear, hatred and violence” if the United States tries to interfere with his country’s independence celebrations on the anniversary of its independence from Spain.

“We’re not going to be silent.

We’re going to stand our ground,” Mr Osorio told reporters on Thursday as he toured the country’s capital, Mexico City, to inaugurate the countrys largest ever national museum, the National Museum of Mexican Culture.

The first anniversary of the country s independence from Mexico came on November 12, 1893, and has been celebrated annually since.

Mr Osoro said that while the US had a “moral obligation” to respect Mexico s constitution, “we cannot ignore the history and history of Mexico and its people”.

He added that “every time there is a visit to the United State” Mexico would stand by the constitution.

“This is a sacred mission of the American people,” Mr Chong said, calling it “a great duty”.

“The United States of America should respect Mexico and respect the history of our country,” he said.

Mr Chong, who has been president since 2013, has not been shy about expressing his opposition to the US, but has said he has “nothing to do” with the country and had no intention of intervening in Mexico s independence celebrations.

On the eve of his inauguration, Mr Osario said he would “stop all interference” with Mexico s celebrations, adding that the “American people” would “make the right decision” and that Mexico would respect its “constitutional rights”.

He said the US would be forced to respect its constitution if it did not want Mexico to be the “first” country to be given US citizenship.

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