Scotland’s independence referendum: What you need to know

A referendum on Scottish independence has begun in the Scottish capital Edinburgh, and it’s expected to go ahead as planned on Thursday.

The first question asked of voters will be whether they want to be part of the United Kingdom or remain part of an independent Scotland.

The result of the referendum, which will take place on October 18, could have a major impact on the future of Scotland.

Here’s what you need read on independence referendum in Scotland:What’s the ballot paper all about?

Scotland’s first official independence referendum has been taking place in Edinburgh since September, with a turnout of more than 85 per cent.

It is one of the biggest in history and one of many that have taken place in Scotland.

But this year’s campaign has been controversial and has raised questions about the legitimacy of the result.

Some Scots have questioned whether Scotland should even be part-British, with the UK government claiming it is not in the interests of the rest of the UK.

In a statement to the BBC, the Scottish government said it was “very confident” of the outcome.

“The referendum result will be seen by the Scottish people as a clear and unequivocal rejection of the Westminster establishment and their policies and the actions of the Scottish Government, Parliament and the Scottish Executive,” the statement read.

“And as such, this will be a significant milestone in the history of the Union.”‘

We will not allow independence’The referendum will take part in a country where, for decades, Scots have struggled with a culture of self-government.

The debate on independence has also sparked a debate about how to protect Scotland’s cultural heritage, which includes the country’s famous arts, music and sporting legacy.

A campaign group called the Glasgow City of Culture has called for the referendum to be banned until the end of this year, and has called on people to leave the country, if necessary.

“We will never allow Scotland to become independent without giving full respect and consideration to the history and legacy of our people, our culture and our heritage,” the group said in a statement.

“That is why we will continue to campaign for the UK to respect and protect the historic and cultural heritage of Scotland.”

The Scottish government has also set up a petition drive to force the UK Government to stop “making it easier for people in Scotland to leave” the country.

“In order to ensure that the referendum is not taken away from the Scottish public, we will not only oppose the referendum but also urge the UK authorities to make it easier and more convenient for people to get out of Scotland,” it said.

“The government must stop making it easier to leave and make it a reality.

That means no-one should be forced to leave without the right to do so.”

What are the options for Scottish voters?

How can Scotland vote for independence?

It is likely that most people in the UK will have voted in favour of remaining in the United States.

However, there are some who would vote to remain in the union, with those who do not want to remain part-UK being able to cast a ballot in the forthcoming referendum.

If that’s the case, there will be two separate votes.

One would be the first in the event that Scotland votes to leave.

This would be an informal vote in which the Scottish Parliament would be able to determine whether the Scottish National Party, which is currently the largest party in Scotland, would get a second mandate from the UK Parliament.

It would also be an attempt by the UK, which has a veto over what the Scottish parliament would do, to stop the independence vote from happening.

A second option is to abstain in the referendum.

This is a much harder option to accept, as there would be no clear result in the second vote, which would also likely lead to a Scottish vote being called by a different party.

How does the referendum work?

In the event of a Scottish Government vote to leave, there would then be two rounds of voting.

The most likely outcome in the first round would be a majority vote, with an extra two votes needed to overturn the result in favour.

The second round would see a second vote with the second most votes cast, followed by the winner of the first vote.

This would determine whether a majority of the Scots would vote for Scotland to remain within the UK or not.

There would be two types of voting:Directly-elected (ie: the majority of Scottish MPs) and indirectly-elected MPs (ie, the second-largest party).

In the case of the second round, Scotland’s representatives would decide whether the referendum should take place at all, with more than two thirds of votes needed.

However there would also need to be a clear majority of people in each party to decide whether Scotland would remain in Scotland or not, and this is exactly what would be happening in the case that Scotland voted to leave again.

“This second round of voting will determine the outcome of the independence referendum.

If Scotland votes ‘yes’ in the third round, it will be up to the UK parliament to determine

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