The independence school district that could be the first in South Africa

Independent electric supply and independent schools are among the areas the National Electric Supply Authority will be reviewing as it works to establish a new district for independent electric supply.

The authority’s interim director general of supply, N.C. Mabon, told a conference on Monday that the authority will start the review process in late October.

In a statement on its website, the NESA said the new district will be the fourth independent electric supplier in South African territory, and that it will focus on electric and alternative energy supply to the most disadvantaged communities.

Mabon said that in the interim, it will seek to build on the current status of supply by exploring ways to expand existing supply networks.

“We want to look at how we can increase the availability of the supply in the existing distribution networks,” he said.

We are also looking at other options,” he added.

Currently, the only electricity supply in South Afrika is from the state-run Eskom, which is run by Eskom and state-owned power company EDF.

While it is possible to make a profit from supplying electricity to independent schools and communities, it can also be difficult to sell that electricity to other parts of the country.

It is also difficult to make the electricity available in rural areas.

Independent schools can offer their own electricity, and many do, Mab, who was appointed to the NCSA post in November, told the conference.

There is a gap in the electricity supply network that needs to be filled, he added, saying that is why independent schools have been the focus of the Nesa.

He also said that it is important that the district is open and transparent, and not that a specific entity has been chosen to provide electricity.

That is why we will look at what is the best model for establishing an independent electric school district,” he told the delegates.

Electricity, Mebon said, should not be the only way to deliver electricity to the district.

As an independent school district we have a special responsibility to deliver to the needs of our community, and so the need to diversify the supply chain has been part of the strategy.

And we want to be able to supply power from the existing network to the new school,” he went on to say.

What are the options for the NFS?

The NFS will also be reviewing the feasibility of setting up independent electric suppliers in areas where electricity is not available or for where the power supply has been disrupted by severe weather events.

According to Mabón, it is a possibility that could potentially become a reality.

However, the authority has not yet made any specific proposals for a new school district.

The authority said that the initial review is based on a number of factors including the availability and cost of electricity, the ability of the school district to attract and retain qualified teachers, and the availability, affordability, and efficiency of electricity supplies.

But it also noted that the NSEA has been studying the feasibility and feasibility of establishing a school district in a number, in an effort to better understand the role that local and community organisations play in establishing and maintaining independent electric supplies.

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