Why the independence referendum is so important

It is the most important vote in the independence debate.

The referendum on March 16 will decide the future of a nation that was split into three separate nations before the signing of the Treaty of Paris in Paris in 1814.

Chile’s constitution was changed to include the republic, which was a precursor to what became the modern nation-state.

But the referendum on independence is different from the traditional one because the country’s people have no say.

The referendum is held in a way that can be held by citizens or by representatives of the ruling party.

The winner of the vote is determined by a super-majority of votes cast.

While the constitution allows for the vote to be held before the new constitution is approved, it is not clear whether the new rules will allow the referendum to be carried out before then.

Many of the rules governing the referendum have been set in stone since it was set up by a constitutional court in 2012, but the constitution itself does not say when it will be changed.

The current constitution, ratified in 2005, has a provision allowing referendums on topics that are “in the national interest”.

Chiles constitution has also been controversial, with many arguing that it could undermine the rule of law.

A group of prominent academics and lawyers from Argentina, Chile and Uruguay have called on Chile to reform the constitution and allow for a vote on its future.

“Chileans should reject the referendum proposal,” the academics wrote in a letter to President Michelle Bachelet.

“We will not support a change to the constitution which does not include an effective mechanism to guarantee citizens the right to vote on the proposed constitution.

For a democracy to be free, all citizens have the right and opportunity to participate in the exercise of their constitutional rights.”

Chilies opposition to the referendum comes as the country is in the throes of a major economic crisis, and a series of corruption scandals involving the ruling Socialist Party.

Last week, the Supreme Court in Santiago ruled that the Constitutional Court must decide whether the constitutional referendum was valid.

Opposition to the proposal has also come from the right-wing National Action Party (PAN), which was banned from participating in the referendum last year.

In a letter sent to Bachele last month, PAN leader and opposition leader Santiago Cordero argued that the referendum was not “legitimate”.

“The referendum cannot be a legitimate option to be used to solve the economic crisis that Chile is experiencing.

The only way to guarantee the citizens’ right to exercise their constitutional right to decide on the future is to change the constitution,” he wrote.

He also suggested that the constitutional court should hold another referendum on the constitution, saying that the ruling ruling party would not support it.

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