How to count the Scotland Independence Day Independence Day imdb movies

The movies about Scotland’s independence day are coming out in droves, and they’re coming out with an impressive amount of numbers.

The first two movies released to celebrate the day have racked up more than 1.3 billion views. 

Here’s how many of those numbers are coming from the two movies on the chart above. 

If you’re a hardcore sports fan, you’ve probably heard of the number of Scottish teams that have won the Scottish League Cup or Scottish Cup in the last two years, and that number is likely even higher for the Scottish Premier League (SPL).

But the Scottish National League (SNL), which is in its eighth season and boasts the most popular football league in the country, only has two titles in its history. 

The number of English clubs playing in the Scottish Super League (SFL) is also quite impressive, with just over 442 clubs, but it only has a total of about 200 teams in the league, so we’re looking at more than one English team per season. 

Of course, the number doesn’t include the English Premier League, which has two Scottish teams competing in its inaugural season, which makes the numbers even more impressive. 

There are also a number of other English teams playing in Europe, but the Scottish Football League (SFL) only has seven clubs in Europe. 

To make matters worse, Scottish clubs have been losing more than the number in the Premier League over the past few years. 

So how many Scottish clubs are there?

The answer, according to the latest statistics from the Football League, is that there are about 3,000 English clubs, and just over 2,000 Scottish clubs. 

That’s not all, though.

According to the BBC, there are also 2,200 Scots in the top ten leagues in England, so the number could be as high as 5,000. 

I’m not going to pretend that all of these numbers are perfect.

There’s always a chance that the actual number of Scots in England is higher, and the number who are in Scotland is lower, and if the numbers don’t add up, you might just be looking at the results of a statistical test. 

And while the Scottish leagues have the best record in the world at predicting the outcomes of matches, there’s still the problem of the statistics themselves. 

Even when the Scottish clubs who are doing well are getting more votes than the Scottish teams who are struggling, the numbers are never quite the same. 

One thing is for sure, though: The statistics are always going to be out of date.

And in the meantime, here are the results for the last seven Scottish seasons. 


The Scottish League Trophy: 7 teams (1-1-0) 2016/17 (Season 1) 2.

Scottish Cup: 4 teams (0-1) 2014/15 (Season 2) 3.

Scottish FA Cup: 1 team (0, 0-1, 0 points) 2013/14 (Season 3) 4.

Scottish League Championship: 1 game (0)  2013/18 (Season 4) 5.

Scottish Super Cup: 2 teams (3-2-1 , 0, 2-1 wins) 2012/13 (Season 5) 6.

Scottish Football Challenge Cup: 0 teams (4-0-0, 2, 2 wins)  2011/12 (Season 6) 7.

Scottish Premier Football League: 0 (0 wins)  2012-13 ( Season 7) 8.

Scottish First Division: 0 2011/13 ( Season 8) 9.

Scottish Scottish Cup (2nd Division): 0 2010/11 (Season 9) 10.

Scottish Second Division: 1 (2-0 wins, 0 losses) 2009/10 (Season 10) 11.

Scottish Championship: 0 games (0 – 2, 1 loss) 2008/09 (Season 11) 12.

Scottish Premiership: 1 2008 (Season 12) 13.

Scottish Rugby League: 2 2008 (Season 13) 14.

Scottish National Rugby League (NRL): 1 2007 (Premiership, Championship and Challenge Cup) 2007-08 (Season 14) 15.

Scottish Professional Rugby League/NRL: 0, 0 2006 (Lion’s Share) 2006-07 (Season 15) 16.

Scottish Celtic Cup: 3 teams (5-1 winless, 2 draw wins, 3 losses)  2005-06 (Season 16) 17.

Scottish Senior League: 3 2004 (1 win, 0 lost) 2003-04 (Premiership) 2002-03 (Premier League) 2001-02 (Challenge Cup)  2000-01 (Challenger League)  1999-00 (Lions Share)  1998-99 (Premiers League)

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