Why is Israel still funding independent schools?

Independent schools are the most important source of funding for independent Jewish children in Israel, according to a new report.

Independent schools provide access to the public schools, and are also the first option for some Jewish children, according the report by the independent school watchdog, the Institute for Jewish Studies.

The report, entitled The Independent School Sector, is based on data from the 2014 Israel Independence Day.

Independent Schools: A report from the Institute of Jewish Studies, 2017.

“The Israel Independence Charter, which was adopted in 2006, provides for the establishment of two independent schools: one in the Negev, and the other in the Galilee, to be known as the National Jewish School in the north, and to be called the ‘National Independent School in south’.” The report says the establishment and funding of an independent school in the northeast of Israel is a significant change in the country’s education system.

It adds that there are no existing independent schools in the northern part of the country, but that there is a number of proposals in the pipeline to open up independent schools to more children.

“There are a lot of initiatives underway, but these are the first initiatives, and we hope to see a number more in the near future,” said Adalah head of research and policy, Rabbi Avi Weiss.

The Institute of Jews Studies is a research organization that is dedicated to promoting Israel’s independent schools system.

Weiss says the Institute believes there are “many opportunities to create a new system in Israel”, including the establishment, funding, and supervision of independent schools.

“These are the institutions which provide opportunities for the children of Israel to learn,” he said.

“This report aims to provide a basis for a more positive and successful independent school system in the coming years.”

The report cites the establishment as a key reason for funding independent school infrastructure.

“At the beginning of the Israeli Independence Day, there were a total of 23 independent schools, which is less than one quarter of the number of independent Jewish schools in Israel.

We know that many of these schools were established with no previous education or education-related experience,” it said.

According to the report, the independent schools receive around 60 percent of the government funds.

It also notes that some independent schools are funded by the Israeli government for infrastructure upgrades, like building classrooms, playgrounds, or even the building of the national museum.

“All the public funding for the Israeli Independent Schools is for infrastructure purposes and is not linked to the schools’ curricula, which are the product of their founding and are therefore independent,” the report said.

Weiss said the funding that is provided to independent schools should not be seen as a “funding gap”, as the Israeli system already has a number such funding programs, such as the Israel Public Investment Fund, the Israeli Association for the Advancement of Independent Education, and an independent system for Jewish education.

He said the Israel Education Ministry is currently “working on the next steps of establishing an independent Jewish school system”.

The Institute for Jews Studies also released a report earlier this month, titled A New Independent School System for the Neue Galerie in Tel Aviv, which outlined the progress that the Jewish Federation of Greater Tel Aviv has made in establishing a new independent school.

“In 2017, the Jewish community launched an independent education system for all Jewish children across the city,” the institute said.

The institute notes that there have been more than 2,300 new independent schools since the establishment in 2015, and that the number is expected to grow to over 5,000 by 2025.

The Jewish Federation for Greater Telizar says that more than 4,000 Jewish children are enrolled in the schools, but it does not provide a breakdown of the students.

The establishment of independent independent schools was also a key factor in the establishment last year of the “Neue Galeries” in Tel Azit.

According, the Neuer Galeries is a new type of Jewish institution that has been set up by the Jewish Community of Greater Israel (JLI), a new organization that was created in 2017.

The Neuer-Galerie is the first of the new independent Jewish institutions in Tel azit.

“As the Neues Galeries will serve the students of the Neuengamme, the JLI has established the Neus Galerie to serve the pupils of the National Institute of Independent Schools,” JLI director of educational and cultural affairs, Gadi Shnider, said in a statement.

The new Neue-Galeries will be located on the campus of the Jewish University of Jerusalem and will offer students a chance to meet with the Jewish state’s educators, according JLI.

“JLI’s efforts are in the interest of Jewish education and to promote Jewish education, as well as to provide opportunities to learn from our Jewish heritage and culture,” Shniders said.

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