Verde, TX’s Independence Day 1996: An Independence Day Movie

Texas Independence Day is celebrated on April 21 every year on the second Friday in May, and it has become an annual tradition for Verde County residents.

Verde Independence Day movies are often filmed in Texas and Texas state parks.

Verdades Independence Day Movies are usually produced in Texas, but it’s not unheard of to have them filmed in other states, including Louisiana.

Verdel Independence Day Films usually feature Verde’s local landmarks, including the city of Verde and the city’s famous Independence Day parade.

This week, we asked Austin, Texas native and Independence Day aficionado Dan Jones, who is a director, producer, and owner of the Austin, TX-based Verdel Entertainment Company, to tell us how he got started making Independence Day movie.

The story behind the Independence Day Independence Day, a film about the first Independence Day celebrations in Texas.

This film tells the story of Verdade, the first independent city in Texas to celebrate Independence Day on April 19, 1896. 

The Independence Day films were produced by the Verde Entertainment Company and directed by Dan Jones.

He has since become the producer and star of the film, which features a mix of Texas native locations, and a cast of Verdua residents including Verde mayor Michael L. Henson, former state Sen. George R. Hall, and former Verde Mayor Jack Smith.

The film premiered in June of 2000 at the Austin Film Festival, and has since been viewed more than 100,000 times on YouTube. 

Verdade Independence Day: The Movie was released in April of 2002.

Verdades first Independence day Independence Day film was a production of the Verdel Studios, a production company that was based in Austin, the film’s producer.

The Verdel company produced films including the 1999 documentary, The Independence Day Experience, and the 2005 film, The Battle of Verdel, both of which were released on DVD.

For more information on the Verdada Independence Day festival, including how to get tickets to the festival, check out the Verdeca Independence Day website.

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