Why does it matter to Scotland independence day?

With the anniversary of the birth of independence in 2020 fast approaching, people across Scotland are gathering to remember the country’s rich and vibrant history.

On this day, we ask what matters most to Scots and to the wider UK, and what might it take to make the most of the opportunity. 

The independence day commemoration has always been about the people who built Scotland and our country together, and how the UK will be different in 2023. 

We need to ask: What will it mean for Scotland, and the UK, for the first time?

How do you get to independence?

In a time of uncertainty and uncertainty in the UK’s future, why should Scotland get all the headlines? 

Forget about the Scottish Parliament. 

What matters to Scotland is the future of our country, and whether Scotland is an independent country or not. 

If the UK is left without a single seat in the EU parliament, how will the UK be able to function?

The UK is not the only part of the UK that is facing an uncertain future. 

There are millions of people across the country facing the uncertainty of a broken economy, with the economy slowing or even contracting. 

But the uncertainty is not confined to Scotland. 

In Wales, the Scottish Government is facing a similar crisis. 

It is the worst economic downturn in generations. 

This week, it is also the first day of Scotland’s Independence Day celebrations.

What is independence? 

Scotland has a rich and diverse history, from the beginnings of our nation to our independence. 

For more than 100 years, Scotland has enjoyed an independent status that makes it a great place to live, work and study. 

Scotland’s constitution sets out our place in the world. 

Our people have lived and worked here together for centuries. 

Now, we are here together again, and we have a choice. 

Why does Scotland need independence?

Scottish voters are asking themselves the same question: What does independence mean to me? 

The UK Government has promised that the UK would remain a united, European, united country. 

So, it makes sense for people across this country to vote in the independence referendum. 

They are asking, should Scotland be an independent nation? 

Should Scotland have a say in the future direction of our economy, in the shape of a Scottish Parliament, a Scottish Government and a Scottish constitution? 

Is independence really about a new kind of nation?

Is it about a nation that will prosper in a new world order, or a new form of British Empire? 

If it is, why shouldn’t we be proud to call ourselves Scotland?

The first step towards making independence a reality is to get to yes. 

A yes vote is crucial for the UK to remain in the European Union. 

Scottish independence is a vote on whether the UK has the strength to survive, to lead, to thrive in the globalised world of the 21st century. 

Its a vote for the future that gives Scotland a place in this new world.

What should we know about the independence campaign? 

On the first of November, Scotland will be celebrating independence day with a national day of remembrance. 

On that day, the UK Government will announce a referendum on whether Scotland should be an EU member. 

Will Scotland be allowed to join the EU, or remain in a separate, union that does not respect its historic connection to the Crown?

The answer to both questions is yes.

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