Independence Day: Menards celebrates independence image gallery

The menards brand new menards menards store opened in November 2018 and features a unique new collection of independence and independence themes.

The new menard store is located on the third floor of Menards Perth.

The store was built with the support of the menards community and its members, as well as a donation from the company’s local store.

This year, the menard collection is a part of a collection of 70 new pieces of art created by local artists.

These pieces were chosen for the Menards community to highlight the unique independence and freedom stories of menards members and their families, and to encourage their appreciation of the Menard brand.

“We wanted to create a gallery that highlighted the different communities of Perth and that is what we are doing,” Menards Senior Brand Director, Phil Soper said.

“This collection highlights the uniqueness of menard and the pride and pride in the history of the business and the community.”

Mr Soper says the menorahs independence theme is a direct reflection of the unique history and culture of the community.

“The menorah is a symbol of independence for all of Australia, and so it is also an opportunity for us to make a statement about the pride that we feel in the Menardi brand,” he said.

Menards founder and CEO, Chris Condon, says the store is a statement of pride for the men and their culture.

“There is a real sense of pride in Perth and what we represent,” he explained.

“So to be able to put that on display is just one of the highlights that we’re able to give to the community to show them.”

Menards Perth is located in the heart of Perth’s CBD.

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